Case of Thlimmenos v. Greece (Application no. 34369/97)

Case of Thlimmenos v. Greece (Application no. 34369/97)

A Jehovah’s Witness, Mr Thlimmenos was convicted of a felony offence for having refused to enlist in the army at a time when Greece did not offer alternative service to conscientious objectors to military service. A few years later he was refused appointment as a chartered accountant on the grounds of his conviction despite his having scored very well in a public competition for the position in question.
The Court found a violation of Article 14 in conjunction with Article 9, holding that Mr Thlimmenos’ exclusion from the profession of chartered accountant was disproportionate to the aim of ensuring appropriate punishment of persons who refuse to serve their country, as he had already served a prison sentence for this offence.

Repeated punishment Recognised